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487 Squadron ATC
(Kingstanding and Perry Barr

Academic study in the Air Training Corps

Cadets in the ATC follow a defined Academic Training Syllabus covering aspects of aviation and general service subjects.

A cadet joins the squadron as a probationer and undergoes a course of basic instruction introducing them to the Corps and what is expected of them. On completion of this course they are issued a uniform and enrolled as a 2nd class cadet.

They are then able to take part in the Academic Training Syllabus and gain further classifications. The classifications that can be achieved are:

  1. First Class
  2. Leading
  3. Senior
  4. Master

To be able to take part in some cadet activities – such as attending annual camp - the cadet must pass their First Class. Other activities only require passes in certain subjects – for example a cadet can go flying after they have passed the Basic Airmanship exam (part of first class).

First Class is the initial classification and is there to teach a cadet the basics. It is divided into a theoretical section, which is assessed by means of a log book.

In the subsequent classifications the theoretical subjects are studied in greater detail. The exams are set at The Air Training Corps Headquarters and are completed online. At the completion of the syllabus you will achieve a BTEC level two in Aviation Studies.