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487 Squadron ATC
(Kingstanding and Perry Barr

Target Shooting

Air Cadets have the opportunity to participate in the sport of Target Shooting.

Like all sports it requires a certain level of training and practice to ensure that it is conducted in a safe and enjoyable manor. As safety is paramount, in ATC activities, training is an integral part of the system.

Cadets are fully trained and tested, on the rifle they are using, before they are allowed to fire. Likewise all adult supervisory staff are trained to deal with any eventualities and to ensure that the range is run safely and efficiently.


Target shooting is conducted on a "Range". This is a location where the cadets can take part in shooting under controlled conditions.

Ranges come in many shapes and sizes. Initially shooting takes place on a 25M range, where the target is 25M from the firer. This can be on an enclosed indoor range or on open air barrack range.

As the firers ability and level of training increases they are able to fire at greater distances and use more sophisticated ranges. These can include firing at 600M on a Gallery range or even using an Electronic Target Range (ETR).