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487 Squadron ATC
(Kingstanding and Perry Barr

487 Cadets lead the way on JNCO Course!

Cpl Adam Reyholds

Cdt Kerry Whiting relaxing after her presentation

The final JNCO Leadership development course of 2009 took place at DCAE Cosford over the weekend of 27th-29th November 2009. Two cadets from 487 Sqn, Cpl Adam Reynolds and Cdt Kerry Whiting joined 38 other cadets from across the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing on what turned out to be a cold, but very successful weekend.

DCAE Cosford was also playing host to the ATC Regional Rugby and Netball competitions so the station was alive with hundreds of cadets and staff from all over the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Following long and tortuous journeys for some, the cadets started the training programme on Friday night with a lecture on discipline in the ATC. Over the weekend the cadets were given presentations on the role of a JNCO, leadership and leadership styles, and also presentation skills. The cadets also took part in Drill, and in particular each cadet was able to lead their own syndicate through a number of manoeuvres.

On Saturday evening the syndicates were given a discussion document, and they were tasked with preparing a 10 minute presentation to be given on Sunday in front of Sqn Ldr Martin Harrison and the rest of the training team.

On the Sunday morning all the cadets also had a chance to lead their syndicate on various leadership exercises which had been prepared by the staff. The cadets put into practice their new found skills, particularly in relation to giving briefings using the SMEAC system.

Each cadet has been given a written report by the training team and these will be sent to their Sqn commanders so that feedback can be given. Cdt Kerry Whiting was also named as the best cadet in her syndicate, a fantastic effort by her.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings who accompanied the cadets commented “This is a great course and I know that both Cpl Reynolds and Cdt Whiting have gained a lot from the weekend. They have not only learnt new skills, they have also met a host of new friends. Cdt Kerry Whiting did extremely well in winning the best cadet in her syndicate and I expect both her and Cpl Reynolds to go from strength to strength.”

The pictures show the group photograph, Cpl Adan Reyholds helping to deliver the syndicate presentation and Cdt Kerry Whiting relaxing after her presentation had finished.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer, 487 Sqn

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-12-02 16:25:20
487 Sqn Splash Through the Mud at Cross Country Championships!

On Sunday 22nd November, 14 cadets from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC, travelled to Tudor Grange in Solihull to take part in the annual Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing cross country championships, and what a day it proved to be!

Whilst Cross Country running is traditionally run in the cold months of winter, the ground conditions, and then the inclement weather meant that the cadets had to cope with very wet and slippery conditions.

As the first race got under way, the heavens opened and down came a downpour which along with the cold biting wind made it extremely hard going for all involved, including the marshals who were stood out on the course for over two and a half hours. Following the first boys competition, it was decided to shorten the course because of the weather, a decision which was welcomed by all who followed.

The cadets from 487 Sqn all did extremely well and in particular, Cdt Derbyshire who was competing at her first ATC event. She came fourth in a close run race in the girl’s inter-mediate competition. For most of her race she was running third, but she just couldn’t hold on to that position at the finish line.

Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “This was a great effort by all the cadets and I would like to thank them all for turning out today. The weather was horrible and the conditions under foot were not good, but everybody put their head down and got on with it”.

The picture shows the muddy team at the end of the competition prior to getting warm in the mini-bus!

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-11-22 18:28:25
487 Sqn and Detached Flight Pack those bags!

On Saturday 21st November cadets from 487 Kingstanding and Perry Barr Sqn, and the 487 Sqn Detached Flight helped people pack their bags at the Tesco supermarket at New Oscott in Birmingham. The Sqn carried out the event in aid of the RAF Benevolent fund, and also in aid of Sqn funds.

The supermarket, which is only a few miles from the Sqn had kindly agreed to the request for a bag pack which was made initially by CWO Adam Wilkes. CWO Wilkes currently works at the store and following the initial request, a letter was sent to the store by the Civilian Committee. The cadets and staff also had an information point at the store in relation to recruitment.

On what turned out to be a very windy and wet day, the store itself was not busy, but the cadets and staff managed to collect £400 and this was later added to by CWO Wilkes who was working until 2200 on Saturday, and he managed to collect a further £23.

This was a great effort by the cadets of both the Sqn and the D/F and they hope to collect even more money at a further bag pack which is planned for the early new year.

The pictures show CWO Adam Wilkes working on the tills at Tesco (in uniform!) and Cdt Tom Breakwell giving a helping hand.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-11-22 17:42:51
487 Sqn compete in the Wing Football Tournament

On Sunday 15th November, 10 cadets and three staff travelled to Chelmsley Wood Football club to take part in the Wing Football tournament.

487 Sqn had been drawn against 2030 Sqn in the first round. Unfortunately, the Sqn could only field 10 players; three of the team were selected to take part in the regional Rugby trials at RAF Brampton which were being held on the same day.

Despite not fielding a full team, the cadets selected to play battled hard, but they came up against a well organised team in 2030 and at half time they were 4-0 down. During the first half the team then suffered another blow when Cdt Holsey had to limp out of the game because an old knee injury flared up.

The second half was a different story though. Both teams were beginning to tire, but the 487 Sqn team ended the match looking stronger and playing well, but the lack of numbers began to tell and at the final whistle, the Sqn had gone down 6-0.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “I would like to thank all those cadets who turned up today to play for our Sqn. Despite not fielding a full team I think the team did extremely well, particularly in the second half. We look forward now to the five a side tournament early next year and we hope to build a full team going forward into 2010”.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-11-15 20:37:43
487 Sqn and Detached Flight Remember the Fallen

On Sunday 8th November, 487 Sqn and the Sqn’s detached flight took part in two remembrance parades on the same day.

A total of 31 cadets had an early start for the first parade which was held at the TA Centre in Kingstanding. The Sqn had decided to lay a wreath at the new memorial which has been erected at the centre to commemorate the four soldiers from the TA Centre who were killed in Afghanistan in 2008. CWO Adam Wilkes laid the wreath on behalf of the staff and cadets of 487 Sqn.

Following the first parade all the cadets and staff travelled into Birmingham City Centre to take part in the 2nd city’s remembrance parade. The actual site of the parade had been moved this year because of the building works on the new Birmingham Library, and the parade actually formed up on Broad Street. There then followed a short march down to the front of the International Convention Centre. The 31 cadets from 487 Sqn and 487 D/F were joined by 4 cadets from 493 Sqn on the day and there then followed a long (and cold) parade!

All the cadets were extremely well turned out and they were a credit to the Air Training Corps.

Flt Lt O’Neil, OC 487 Sqn commented “This was a long day for all the cadets and staff. We all felt at the Sqn that we should lay a wreath at the new memorial on our base, and both this and the full parade in Birmingham went extremely well. The cadets were on parade for a long time in Birmingham, but there were no complaints, and along with the RAF Cosford contingent, we looked extremely smart. I would like to thank everybody for their efforts on the day”.

The picture shows the cadets of 487 Sqn on parade at the new memorial in Kingstanding.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings
Sqn Media and Communications Officer
487 Sqn


Simon Jennings
Published 2009-11-10 20:51:41
487 Sqn cadets go car booting!

On Saturday 17th October, six cadets and Flying Officer Simon Jennings helped out at the Erdington Rotary Club car boot sale.

The event, which was staged at Rookery Park in Erdington, was a great success. The cadets were asked to carry out various duties which included greeting people entering the park, car parking stewards, and also ensuring that the sellers were placed in the correct location.

After a quiet start, the morning soon picked up and the cadets who were working in the car park were kept particularly busy.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings commented “When the Rotary club asked us to help out at the car boot sale we were only too happy to help out. The cadets performed really well on the day, I think they were a great asset to the Rotary club volunteers. I would like to thank the Rotary club for keeping us all fed and watered during the morning. We are now looking forward to working with the club again in the future”.

The picture shows the cadets just prior to departure for the car boot sale, they were:

Cpl Reynolds
Cdt Borhara
Cdt Reader
Cdt Bell
Cdt Bhakta
Cdt Price

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-10-21 08:01:07
487 Sqn to land on 12000 doorsteps!

487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC, and its Detached flight have launched their largest public relations campaign ever.

The Sqn was recently given the opportunity to place a full page article in the Pride in Erdington magazine. The magazine, which is called Pride, is funded by the Erdington Town Centre Partnership, and is published on a regular basis.

The Pride team have increased their circulation from 10000 to 12000 recently and the really beneficial aspect is that it is delivered free to households in the Sqn’s and DF’s catchments areas.

The article covers all areas of the ATC training programme and pictures taken recently at Sqn events were also included in the article.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings, 487 Sqn Media and Communications Officer commented “This is by far the largest PR campaign the sqn has ever undertaken. Whilst we have had articles in the local press before, Pride is delivered directly to households that are certainly within walking distance of the 487 Detached flight at Stockland Green School, we know that 1000 households directly opposite the school will be receiving the magazine. We hope to work closely with the town centre partnership over the coming months, and we will be taking part in the events planned for the Christmas period. This was a great opportunity to show our local community what we do in the ATC, and more importantly, we hope that we will have new recruits wanting to join both the Sqn and the Detached flight.”

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-10-17 18:20:44
487 Sqn Cadets in the Scrum - Again!

On Sunday 11th October, 3 cadets from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC, travelled to RAF Cranwell to take part in the Central and East Region Rugby 7’s.

The cadets from 487 Sqn who were selected to represent the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing were:

Sgt Jack Kirby
Sgt Steven Lycett
Cpl Josh Waldron

The weather conditions, warm sunny weather, made for exciting fast rugby. The 6 wings were split into two pools and unfortunately, the two top teams were placed in the same pool.

Despite some hard games, the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing team only managed 3rd place. The cadets from 487 Sqn now have the chance to go forward and represent the Central and East Region in further competitions.

Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn who accompanied the cadets on the day commented “It was a fine effort by the team and the cadets from our Sqn performed really well. It’s a pity that we came up against one of the favourites in a pool game, but there is great scope for the future with this team, well done to them all”.

If you are interested in joining the ATC, why not visit us at our website: www.487sqn.gov.uk?

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-10-16 15:35:35

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-10-12 14:36:48
487 Cadets and Staff have a night under the stars!

6 cadets and Sgt Cotton from 487 Sqn headed to Nesscliffe Army Training Camp on Friday 2nd October 2009 to take part in ‘Exercise Khaki Badger’. Upon arrival at the HQ Bunker at 2000hrs on the Friday, the operation started straight away. Cadets and staff set up the sleeping quarters, briefing areas and comms area, before being briefed on health & safety, the training area and the operation itself. After getting to know one another over a nice hot drink, it was time for bed. After a cadet snoring competition, the bunker door banging all night and the cold of the floor penetrating right to our very cores, it was time to ‘wake up’. We all got washed (and yes, had another hot drink!) then it was time for the ceremonial handing out of the ration packs. Everyone stood eagerly in line, waiting to see what, from the new 20 menu selection, they had been given. After close examination of the contents and playing ‘ration roulette’ to see who got the dreaded corned beef hash, breakfast was served. The day began in earnest with a ‘Hygiene in the Field’ briefing, instructing the cadets on how to keep themselves, their clothing and equipment clean and tidy to prevent injury or illness in the field. Once spilt up into Flights and Sections everyone packed away their kit and headed off into the training area to set up harbour areas. Choosing a good location and setting up the bashas were the first tasks, ensuring we had a good tactical position and a place to sleep and shelter. On the Saturday, the lessons consisted of the following: Duties of a sentry, movement in the field, camouflage and concealment and ration packs and cooking. All communications trained cadets headed off back to the bunker for operation specific training in the afternoon, ready to become points of contact between the flights, sections and HQ. After all the tactical training was complete, the night exercise began. Sections were instructed to rendezvous with a friendly agent at a specific location, without coming into contact with enemy patrols, which were in place throughout the training area. This is where all the tactical training came into force for the cadets, making sure that they moved through the field quietly and quickly, navigated well, maintained comms with HQ and kept the sections together. After successfully reaching the first RV, the first sections returned to base and kept a watch for enemy patrols whilst the second sections mobilised to complete the mission. Once the ammo boxes had been recovered and the mission completed and all sections returned to their harbour areas, it was time for another hot drink and then a well earned sleep! The abundance of spiders in my sleeping bag was duly noted, so I along with everyone else I think, slept with nothing but their eyes exposed that night. The Sunday started early, just as the daylight broke. The morning’s boil in the bag breakfast was much appreciated by all and was made slightly more palatable by the addition of Tabasco sauce, which is now provided in a small bottle in each ration pack. There was no time to rest as the harbour areas had to be dismantled and all kit packed away ready to start the second part of Exercise Khaki Badger. The objective of the second day was for A flight to perform a Casualty Evacuation from a downed aircraft. This involved assessing the casualties injuries and carrying the most injured on a stretcher to safety. The flight had to set up a helipad landing area whilst at all times keeping watch for enemy troops, in order for the evacuation to take place. Meanwhile, B Flight had to make their way to a bunker on the far side of the training area which contained quantities of dangerous chemicals. They had to extract the chemicals from the bunker and make their way to the helipad created by A flight, ready for evacuation. The second days exercise put into practice all the skills that the cadets had learned over the weekend. The 2 flights maintained radio comms, they had to move over open ground effectively without being attacked by enemy troops, evacuate casualties in the correct way, follow comms and instructions carefully to prevent endangering their troops and maintain strong teamwork throughout. The Khaki Badger Exercise both last year and this year are 2 of the largest greens camps organised within Warwickshire and Birmingham wing in many years, involving approximately 55 cadets and 16 staff. Due to it’s success once again, this looks like it will become a permanent fixture in the 487 training programme for years to come. Special thanks go to Flying Officer Glyn Slade and Sgt Paul Caine for all their hard work and dedication to ensure that the Operation was not only planned in the first place, but continued through to fruition despite some last minute drawbacks.
Sgt Cotton wrote:
“The 6 cadets from 487 squadron all performed excellently over the weekend, demonstrating great leadership and organisational skills which will not only help them in the ATC but also in their civilian lives. The whole exercise has been a great success from start to finish. Myself and 487 Sqn cadets will most definitely be returning next year.”

Follow the link below to see a photo gallery of the weekend, thanks to Milla Preece of 2030 (Southam) Sqn, camp photographer:


ASgt Sarah Cotton
Published 2009-10-12 14:36:15
487 Cadets Head To The Hills

On Friday 25th September, 11 cadets from 487 Kingstanding and Perry Barr Sqn ATC, headed to the Snowdonia National Park for a weekend of adventurous training.

The cadets and staff were accommodated at the excellent Capel Curig Army training camp.

Following an early breakfast on Saturday morning, the cadets were transported to two locations to start a linear walk. One group were dropped off at the Pen Y Gwryd hotel at the bottom of the Llanberis pass, and the other group were dropped in the town of Beddgelert. Both groups had various tasks to complete during the walk, these included leading the group, taking bearings and pacing. The groups were also stopped at various times to ask the leader exactly where they thought they were at the time. Although the walk wasn’t very arduous, the hot conditions ensured that all were challenged during the day.

On Saturday evening, Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn, had arranged a visit for the cadets to the Ogwen Mountain Rescue Team. The cadets were split into three different groups on the evening and each was given differing talks on various aspects of the mountain rescue team functions. It was very interesting for all to hear that the amount of calls from people who are simply lost (some of these people were carrying GPS systems, but no map, when asked where they were, they didn’t have a clue, but they did have a six figure grid reference). The team also recently had a call from somebody on a local mountain who had run out of water and asked if the team could come and give him some more! Needless to say, he didn’t get any. The increase in calls to the team has been put down to the rise in use of the mobile phone. The cadets got the chance to feel the weight of some of the equipment carried, and to also practice putting together a rescue stretcher, and to also carry it with a cadet safely strapped in. The visit was extremely interesting for both cadets and staff, and at the end a donation was made by the Sqn to the team.

On Sunday, the cadets were transported to the Tryfan Mountain and again split down into their groups. The cadets completed a circular route around Tryfan, and this time the walk was a lot more arduous than the one completed the previous day. The weather had completely changed, low cloud and high winds were the order of the day. Again, the cadets were asked to lead during the day, the training they had received the previous day standing them in good stead in the conditions.

All the cadets and staff had a great, if tiring weekend, and the Sqn look forward to further adventurous training weekends over the coming months.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-30 16:15:13
487 Sqn give presentation to Erdington Rotary Club

On Thursday 24th September 2009, Flying Officer Simon Jennings, media and communications officer for 487 Sqn was invited by the Erdington Rotary Club to give a presentation on the Air Training Corps.

Flying Officer Jennings was accompanied by the Sqn civilian committee chairman, Mrs Jane Jennings. at the event which was held at the Barn social club in Erdington.

The new Air Cadets promotional PowerPoint presentation was given followed by the Air Cadets video.

Lots of questions were asked by the club members, particularly in relation to flying and adventure training.

487 Sqn will now keep in close contact with the Rotary club, the Sqn will be providing cadets at their annual car boot sale on 17th October.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-30 11:10:46
487 Cadet reaches the very top!

Following the recent promotions night at 487 Sqn, Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn recently handed out the highest cadet rank to FS Adam Wilkes.

FS Adam Wilkes was promoted to Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO) after many years of sterling service to 487 Sqn. CWO Wilkes has been with the Sqn for nearly six years and he has been a great asset all through his service.

CWO Wilkes has led the Sqn’s drill team at the Wing Field Training day for the past two years, learning the ropes from the former CWO at 487 Sqn, Gemma Walden.

CWO Wilkes completed his gliding scholarship two years ago and he has competed for the Sqn at many sporting events, the most recent being the Wing swimming championships where he led the senior boys to a well deserved trophy win.

Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “To rise to the rank of CWO is very special and not many cadets manage to do it. CWO Wilkes has been a great asset to our Sqn over the past few years, his bearing and appearance are first rate and I know that he will go from strength to strength over the coming months. We will be looking to him to lead our group of NCO’s in our growing Sqn”.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-28 20:27:49
487 Cadets are absolutely swimming!

On Saturday 19th September, 487 Sqn selected a swimming team of twelve cadets to compete at the annual Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing swimming championships, and what a day they had!

The swimming team captain, Cdt Kerry Whiting, led the team to the Stectchford swimming baths and along with her colleagues, she and others came away with a host of medals, and a trophy!

There were many great individual performances on the evening with members of the team either winning or finishing in the top three of their events; however it was the overall team performance that was particularly impressive.

The senior boy’s team, led by FS Adam Wilkes came home first in the relay; their finishing time was some 6 seconds faster than the second place team. The Sqn came first in the senior boy’s competition, the first time the Sqn had won this trophy since 1997.

To cap the evening, it was announced that 487 Sqn had finished in 2nd place in the overall competition, an excellent performance by all.

Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “I’m extremely proud of this team of cadets. It only goes to show that when a sqn enters a number of cadets in the swimming championships, trophies can be won. The team performed well on the day and we look forward to sending cadets to the wing team again”.

487 Sqn are currently recruiting new cadets so why not have a look at our website, www.487sqn.org.uk?

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-28 19:57:53
A Night Of Promotions at 487 Sqn!

On Tuesday 15th September, Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Kingstanding and Perry Barr Sqn ATC, recognised the achievements of a group of cadets by handing out well deserved promotions.

The group of cadets who were promoted have over the past few months/years helped 487 Sqn become one of the leading Sqn’s in the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing. The cadets have excelled in all aspects of ATC training, whether it be playing for both the Wing and Region at Rugby and Football, or representing our Region at National ATC finals. FS Rigby will also shortly start the Junior Leaders course after successfully passing the recent assessment weekend.

The list of cadets who were promoted is below:

Sgt Anthony Rigby to FS
Cpl Stephen Lycett to Sgt
Cpl Jack Kirby to Sgt
Cpl Joe Creamer to Sgt
Cdt Robert Andrew to Cpl
Cdt Martin Kemp to Cpl
Cdt Josh Waldron to Cpl
Cdt Adam Reynolds to Cpl

Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn, commented “It’s with great pleasure that we’ve promoted this group of cadets and I’m sure that they will personally grow from strength to strength and that they will also help our growing squadron over the coming months and years. We are looking for them all to show leadership to our new cadets and they will be given all the help they need by the squadron staff - well done to them all”.

The picture shows the promoted cadets; unfortunately Sgt Jack Kirby was not present on the night.

487 Sqn are currently recruiting new cadets so why not have a look at our website, www.487sqn.org.uk?

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-20 08:39:59
487 Sqn Cadets Compete at Regional Training Day

Five cadets from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC travelled to RAF Wittering on 13th September to represent the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing at the regional training day.

The cadets participated in two events, shooting and individual aircraft recognition. It was the first time in many years that 487 had represented the wing at the regional training day in respect of the shooting competition, but it was the fourth year running that the Sqn had had some representation in the aircraft recognition competition.

The cadets who attended on the day were:

FS Adam Wilkes Shooting Team
Sgt Anthony Rigby Shooting Team
Cpl Joe Creamer Shooting Team
Cdt Tom Breakwell Shooting Team
Cdt Robert Andrew Individual Aircraft Recognition

Cdt Robert Andrew was first in competition and in what proved to be a very close result, he finished third overall, but he was only 2 points off the top position. Yet again, this was a very tough competition as the standards of other wings has greatly increased over the past two years, but 487 Sqn hope to be back at Wittering next year to make it five years on the trot.

The shooting team were last on the range and despite having to use non Sqn weapons, the team came a creditable fourth overall. The team learnt a lot on the day, particularly in relation to the standards expected at the regional training day and the team are looking forward to the Wing Training day in 2010. The team will be practising a great deal over the coming months, and along with coaching techniques the sqn is looking to go from strength to strength in the future.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “This is the fourth year running we have represented our wing at the regional training day, and it’s the first time we’ve ever competed in two events. Cdt Robert Andrew continues to be the best individual cadet in terms of aircraft recognition in our wing and the whole sqn is very proud of him. The shooting team also performed well on the day. The sqn is looking forward to a great future in target shooting, two members of my staff are looking to become qualified as Range Conducting Officers in the near future and we will then be able to make more use of our own 25m range”.

The picture shows from left to right: Cdt Robert Andrew, Cpl Joe Creamer, Sgt Anthony Rigby, FS Adam Wilkes and Cdt Tom Breakwell.

487 Sqn are currently recruiting new cadets, so why not look at our website, www.487sqn.org.uk.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-19 09:26:34
Finally - A Sqn Crest!

Nearly 68 years after they were first formed, 487 Sqn finally has its own sqn crest. 487 Sqn were, during World War 2, a Royal New Zealand Air Force sqn flying the Mosquito aircraft, and we have taken their Sqn emblem and used it again all these years later.

The figure is the centre is of Maori descent and he is holding a bomb. The motto of the squadron means “Through to the end”.

487 Sqn is very proud of its association with the WWll sqn. The mosquito’s of the Sqn carried out many daring raids including the raid on the Amiens prison and also an attack on the university in Denmark which was been used by the Gestapo.

The Sqn would like to thank ASgt Sarah Cotton for her work on the crest, without her we would not have got the crest so quickly.

The crest will now be placed on to the Sqn mini-bus and we are about to order t-shirts etc with the new crest emblazoned on them.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings
Sqn Media and Communications Officer

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-18 12:50:12
487 Sqn at the Imperial!

On Saturday 12th September, 18 cadets and four staff from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. The visit, which was planned by the Sqn’s NCO’s, was a great success on what turned out to be a very hot and sunny day.

It was decided earlier in the year that the Sqn should visit Duxford after a similar visit had to be cancelled at short notice in 2008. The Sqn Adjutant, Flying Officer Simon Jennings, asked the Sqn NCO’s to organise the visit, this included costing models and educational materials to be used on the day.

Duxford is a large museum which is not solely dedicated to the Royal Air Force. The Airborne forces museum recently moved from Aldershot to the site and along with the land army centre and the USAF museum it can take all day to walk around.

Duxford still has an active runway and the cadets and staff were treated to impromptu displays from an ME109 and a Spitfire. The Spitfire did a full display over the airfield and this capped the day off nicely for all.

The picture shows the cadets and staff standing in front of a Typhoon, this was one of the four proto-type aircraft developed, but its flying days are now over.

487 Sqn are currently recruiting so why not have a look at our website, www.487sqn.org.uk.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-15 18:10:45
Sgt Rigby set to Lead!

Cadet Sergeant Anthony Rigby recently attended the Junior Leaders assessment weekend at the Army training area in Thetford, Norfolk. In what proved to be a very testing weekend for all, Sgt Rigby was selected to go forward on to the full course starting at the end of September.

All the cadets who attended had four specific areas in which they had show their competencies, they were:

Leadership Skills
Presentation Skills
Interview with Section Officer

Sgt Rigby succeeded in all aspects and he is now looking forward to travelling to Skipton in North Yorkshire later in September to start the eight month course that will hopefully lead him to become a Junior Leader.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “This is a great effort by Sgt Rigby. He had wanted to attend this course for a long time and all at the Sqn are extremely happy that he’s got through the assessment weekend, we wish him all the best for the rest of the course.”

487 Sqn are currently recruiting new cadets so why not take a look at our website, www.487sqn.org.uk.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-15 07:59:53
487 Sqn Recruit at British Legion Fun Day

On 31st August 2009 six cadets accompanied Flying Officer Simon Jennings to the Kingstanding British Legion Club to take part in their community fun day.

The Sqn has had a long association with the British Legion Club and they were only too happy to help out on the day. The six cadets who attended were:

Sgt Rigby
Cpl Lycett
Cdt Bahora
Cdt Bhakta
Cdt Munir
Cdt Waldron

The Sqn took lots of recruiting information for the ATC to the club, and they also set up two tents outside to spotlight the adventure training activities carried out in the ATC.

It was a very busy day and there was lots of interest in the ATC, particularly from 5 to 8 year olds! A number of teenagers did express an interest and the Sqn is hopeful that they will attend in the coming weeks.

The picture shows Sgt Rigby, Cpl Lycett, and Cdt’s Bhakta and Waldron getting ready to hand out ATC literature.

If you are interested in joining the ATC, why not visit us at our website: www.487sqn.gov.uk?

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-03 08:30:35
487 Cadets On Camp at Front line Fighter Base

Five cadets from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) ATC recently travelled to the North of Scotland to take part in the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing annual summer camp at RAF Leuchars.

The cadet numbers were spread over two weeks, 4 attending from 15th-22nd August and the other cadet attending between 22nd-29th August, the cadets attending were as follows:

Cdt Reynolds
Cdt Barnett
Cdt Baig
Cdt Bahora
Cdt Bhakta

RAF Leuchars is a front line fighter base where Tornado F3 aircraft are based, these aircraft provide the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) for the north of the UK.

After a long journey from Birmingham the cadets eventually settled into their accommodation at around 18:30 on Saturday night. Over the next few days the cadets carried out weapons training on the .22 rifle and also on the L98 weapon. There were many trips to the various sections on the camp such as the Air Traffic Control Centre, Police dog section and the station Fire section. The RAF Regiment also took the cadets for PT, something that they all enjoyed! Unfortunately, the Night exercise was cancelled in the first week due to inclement weather.

There were many off-camp visits as well, these included a visit to the beach at nearby St Andrews, and also a trip to Edinburgh to visit the many sites there. All the cadets came back very tired, but all said that they would like to attend a UK camp again.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn commented “We have managed to send a large amount of cadets to various camps over the summer months. Cadets have been to RAF Linton on Ouse, RAF Leuchars and to the Army training area at Sennybridge in Wales. We have also sent senior cadets to a Duke of Edinburgh’s assessment week at Llanbedr in Wales. We also have cadets attending a weekend at HMS Bristol coming up in September, and the majority of the Sqn will be going to Capel Curig training camp in North Wales later this month. We have also had one cadet attend an overseas camp at RAF Gibraltar, and later this year we also have a cadet attending a camp at RAF Akriotiri in Cyprus. So all in all the cadets have had great opportunities to travel around the UK and overseas this summer, and all have had a great time. The Sqn will continue to ensure that cadets are given the opportunity to travel in the coming months”.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-03 07:43:10

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-09-03 07:41:24
487 Sqn Cadets Build Their Own

On Thursday 13th August 2009, cadets from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC, attempted to build their own planes and the results to say the least were outstanding!

The cadets were joined by Mr Ian Bell who is the father of one of the current cadets, and he is himself a ex Cdt Warrant Officer at 487 Sqn. The cadets were given kits by Mr Bell along with instructions on how to make the planes.

The cadets, who split down into groups so got into the mood and the race was on to produce the quickest, and best aircraft. Some cadets went a bit too far though, no matter what the staff told them, wood Sentry AEW aircraft would not fly-though they did try!

Once all the aircraft were assembled it was outside for varying competitions such as the best aerobatics, the longest distance flown and lastly the highest aircraft to fly.

All the cadets had a great night, the flying at the end was particularly funny, and the Sentry didn’t fly!

Flying Officer Simon Jennings commented “I would like to thank Mr Bell was taking the time to come and visit us. The cadets learnt a lot on the evening as well as having fun. We hope to have further aircraft modelling nights in the future”.

487 Sqn are currently recruiting new cadets, so why not give us a call on 07795 517972?

Flying Officer Simon Jennings RAFVR(T)
Squadron Media and Communications Officer
487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Sqn ATC

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-08-20 08:07:05
487 Sqn Officer is now fully trained!

Flying Officer Simon Jennings who is the media and communications officer (MCO) at 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Squadron recently attended a Public relations and Communications Course at RAF Henlow.

The course is designed for Squadron MCO’s and is run by the regional MCO, Squadron Leader Alan Wiggins. As well as Squadron Leader Wiggins, there are a number of other experienced staff on the regional team, including an ATC officer who works in the press office at the MOD main building in London.

In what turned out to be a varied and very interesting weekend, the students on the course were taught subjects such as handling the press and media, compiling press releases, photography and fund raising techniques.

The students were set a challenge to promote a Squadron car wash and bag pack and they had to use all the facilities available at RAF Henlow. The officers on the course decided that they would “borrow” some cadets who were on annual camp at RAF Henlow, and along with a lot of equipment which was found in the officer’s mess, a good promotional photograph was taken.

Flying Officer Simon Jennings commented “This is an excellent course and I would highly recommend that not only Squadron MCO’s attend the course, but all Squadron commanding officers as well. The knowledge of the regional media team is great and I found that tapping into their experience has already helped me in getting our Squadrons name out into the local community. We were also given a talk by the PR manager from the RAF Museum at Hendon and that also gave me a number of ideas in terms of fund raising”.

Simon Jennings
Published 2009-08-08 12:00:31
19 cadets from 487 Sqn go to the world’s largest air show!

On Sunday 20th July 2009, 19 cadets from 487 Sqn, Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC, accompanied Fg Off Jennings to the world’s largest air show, the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.

It was an extremely early start for all involved, and it turned out to be a long and very wet day!

Due to traffic conditions around RAF Fairford, we missed the first display, however, we did manage to see, and hear, the F16 whilst we were stuck in the traffic queue!

The weather didn’t know what to do during the day, we had lots of very heavy showers, followed by periods of strong sun, and then more rain! The pilots have to be commended though because most of the flying programme went ahead. One of the highlights of the day was the fly Navy 100 flypast which was celebrating 100 years of naval aviation. Over 40 aircraft were in the air at the same time, this was a great site. The various static aircraft were also a great site, and the aircrew seemed only too happy to let air cadets have a look around, this including the imposing B1B Lancer, pictured attached.

The aircraft that stole the show was of course the Vulcan. At 15:30 she rolled on to the runway, and overhead flew a B52 bomber, a great site for the crowds! The display given by the Vulcan was excellent, and very noisy. It was a great moment for Fg Off Jennings, apart from the brief glimpse at the Wing Field Training day, the last time he had seen the aircraft flying was at his passing out parade in 1985 at RAF Swinderby. There then followed another show stopping moment has the organisers arranged for the Vulcan to taxi back down the main runway, closely followed by the B52. Of course the B52 is still in service and is expected to be so until at least 2040, it will be celebrating its 90th birthday by then!

The Red Arrows finished the show with a very polished and fine display. All had had a great, if rather soggy day!

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-07-26 21:54:39
8 Fly at RAF Shawbury

On Saturday 18th July, 8 cadets from 487 Sqn, Kingstanding and Perry Barr, accompanied Fg Off Jennings and the Civilian Committee chairman, Mrs Jane Jennings, to RAF Shawbury to take up places allocated by 633 VGS. The VGS had moved to RAF Shawbury due to a model aircraft exhibition at their base of RAF Cosford.

It was an early start for all involved and we arrived on time, unfortunately due to weather conditions at RAF Cosford, the Vigilant aircraft had not all arrived at RAF Shawbury and there was a delay to the start time. The Cosford pilots also had to go up and familiarise themselves with the local area, so the GIC flying started around about 10:30.

Six of the cadets had never flown in gliders before and they were a bit nervous during the briefing, the picture attached shows them all been shown how to put on their parachutes in the 60 Sqn crew room which was their base for the day.

Despite some very bumpy (the pilots words) conditions, all the cadets flew, most of them flying down to Shrewsbury and then back to RAF Shawbury.

All the cadets came down with smiles on their faces and a good day was had by all.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-07-26 21:50:16
487 Sqn Cadets 3rd again at Wing Field Training Day

On Sunday 14th June 2009, 19 cadets and 4 staff from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr Sqn, travelled to Gamecock Barracks in Warwickshire to compete in the annual Wing field training day.

The Sqn finished in 4th position in 2007, and 3rd in 2008 and we were looking to produce another good result in 2009. However, key cadets had left the Sqn since 2008 due to age, and also the Sqn had not reached this years football finals so everybody was going to have work hard to produce a good result.

The Sqn was again placed second to last on the drill square, so a long day ensued for the drill team, but members of the team were also taking part in the Collins shooting competition and the early signs looked good for them. Next came the aircraft recognition competition, a trophy which the Sqn had won for the past three years. This is where the Sqn had lost one of its key members, FS Steven Mason, but Cdt Thomas Bell stepped up to the mark and competed extremely well. The Sqn had also brought with them four junior cadets who have only recently joined the sqn, they acted as casualties in the first aid competition.

The first aid team competed next and did well, although this is one of the areas we need to concentrate on for next year. The drill team then competed whilst the rest of the cadets and staff got ready for the final parade.


Despite the Sqn losing key members of the team, the Sqn once again finished 3rd overall in the Wing competition, key results are below:

Aircraft Recognition Individual Winner Cdt Robert Andrew

Aircraft Recognition 2nd Position

Collins Shooting Competition Winners

Junior Aircraft Modelling 2nd Position Cdt Tom Bell

Senior Aircraft Modelling 1st Position Sgt Anthony Rigby

Drill Team 6th Position

NCO I/C Drill Team 8th Position

PR Competition 5th Position

The Collins shooting team was FS Adam Wilkes, Sgt Anthony Rigby, Cpl Joe Creamer and Cdt Tom Breakwell.

The Aircraft Recognition Trophy was Cdt’s Robert Andrew, Martin Kemp and Tom Bell.

Flt Lt O’Neill commented “Yet again 487 Sqn have proved that they are in the top 3 sqn’s in the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing. This is a great performance when you consider we didn’t reach the football finals, but the rest of the sqn has stepped up to mark and to win the Collins trophy shooting competition is fantastic. The aircraft recognition team finished second, losing out by only 2 points, but we will again be sending Cdt Robert Andrew to the regional championships as the best individual. Finishing 1st and 2nd in the modelling competitions is also a great result, a competition that our sqn has not normally excelled in. We were only 1.5 points behind the second placed squadron and a greater emphasis on the first aid competition along with the various pr competitions should see us hopefully achieve a good result next year. I’m really pleased that the drill team did so well, improving on their 9th place last year to reach 6th this year. This was despite the team been affected by illness, but the team that we entered were excellent”

The whole of the Sqn now hopes the Shooting team and Cdt Robert Andrew all the best at the regional championships in September.

Fg Off S. Jennings
Published 2009-06-28 22:23:37
487 Sqn Cadets impress at Athletics Championships 2009

On Sunday 10th May 2009, 13 cadets and three staff travelled to Solihull for the annual wing athletics championships. On what turned out to be a wonderfully sunny day, the sqn’s cadets performed well against some stiff competition.

Continuing her success on the hockey field, Cdt Kerry Whiting was the first to win a medal, winning Gold in the 100 metres. She quite quickly followed this up by again winning Gold, this time in the 200 metres. Later in the day Kerry then won bronze in the Long Jump, a fantastic effort. In fact, because of her efforts during the day, Kerry actually came 4th in the overall team competition for senior girls, and she was by herself!

Meanwhile, and out of sight of the rest of the Sqn, Cdt Ben Reader was doing good things in the high jump. When asked, he wasn’t quite sure if he’d won a medal, but when the announcement came, he’d actually won Gold!

There were some other great efforts by the Sqn. Cdt Barnhurst came first in his heat of the 100 metres, but he was not quite quick enough to go forward into the semi-finals. Cdt Bhaig progressed well into the semi-finals of the 200 metres, but again he wasn’t quite quick enough to get into the finals.

The full team who attended on the day was:

Fs Wilkes
Cpl Lycett
Cpl Kirby
Cdt Whiting
Cdt Bhakta
Cdt Bohara
Cdt Reynolds
Cdt Reader
Cdt Barnhurst
Cdt Forys
Cdt Holsey
Cdt Hodgeson
Cdt Bhaig

All the team contributed on the day, doing well in their own individual events.

Finally, the 4x100m relay team won bronze in their event, the medal been presented by Wing Cmdr Ladwa, OC Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing.

All in all a good day was had by all and the cadets who attended are a credit to 487 Sqn.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-05-11 22:06:43
Successful Open Evening for 487 Sqn

On Thursday 7th May 2009, 487 Sqn held its annual open evening at the Sqn headquarters in Kingstanding. The evening had been publicised widely in the local area and the Sqn was looking to top the fifty people who attended last years event.

The evening was due to start at 1930, but with people still coming through the gates at that time, we soon realised that we had topped last years total by some margin and the evening started a bit late at around 1945.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn welcomed all the parents/guardians, aunties and uncles and also members of the 487 Old boys association who had turned out in force for the evening. We were also hoping that potential new cadets would attend the evening and we had quickly found that we had four or five teenagers who were looking to join the Sqn.

Following the introduction, the new promotional video for the ATC was played to the audience. Because of the late start we had to slightly amend the running programme and there then followed a video which showed the Queens Colour Squadron carrying out their famous continuity drill. This video was shown because the Sqn’s cadets had been working on a drill sequence and following the videos, the cadets put on a great display not only of continuity drill, but the Sqn’s drill team also carried out a great sequence.

There then followed talks on the Duke of Edinburgh programme by Flt Lt O’Neill and also on the CVQO programme by Plt Off Jennings. The parents were then treated to a display of basic physical fitness in line with the bronze DofE programme.

The evening was rounded off with a question and answer session and also the chance to enjoy the buffet which was laid on by the Civilian Committee.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn, commented “This was a great evening for the Sqn’s cadets. The programme laid on for the parents showed the cadets talents and we look forward to the new cadets joining our Sqn shortly. This is the second open evening we have held and we had over 60 people here on the evening which stretched the sqn to its limits, but I believe all really enjoyed the evening”

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-05-10 18:34:50
487 Cadet strides on to Regional Blue

Following her recent great performance for the Warwick and Birmingham Wing hockey team, Cdt Kerry Whiting from 487 Sqn followed her wing blue by gaining her regional blue.

Cdt Kerry Whiting has been with 487 Sqn for less than one year, but in that time she had proved that she is a tenacious performer on the sports field. Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn, and Cdt Whiting’s parents travelled to RAF Cosford recently for the National hockey finals. Despite some close games, the Central and East Region didn’t progress in the competition.

Flt Lt O’Neill commented “Cdt Whiting’s performance over the past few months has been great. She has volunteered for all sports events, including competing in the cross country championships. She is just the type of cadet the ATC needs and she is a credit to herself and she portrays our Sqn in the best light”.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-05-10 08:20:40
487 Sqn to hold open evening – 7th May 2009

Following the highly successful open evening held in 2008, 487 Sqn are to repeat the event on Thursday 7th May 2009.

Prior to the open evening in 2008, the Sqn thought that they would be lucky to get 20-30 people to attend, but over 60 actually attended the night and all had a great time.

The evening is due to start at 1930 and is designed to showcase the cadet’s abilities to both their parents/guardians and to also encourage new cadets to join the ATC.

The Sqn cadets have been working on a drill display which will be given by the Sqn’s wing field training day team, and also a continuity drill display to be given by all the sqn cadets, set to music! There will also be an inter-flight DofE exercise and also talks on the CVQO scheme and other academic lines open to cadets in the ATC.

So, if you live in the Kingstanding or Perry Barr area why not pop down to the Kingstanding TA Centre, Kingstanding Road, on 7th May? We aim to start at 1930 and the evening will be concluded at around 2100.

If you do not live in our area but would still like to join the ATC why not check out the Sqn location list on this website to find out where your nearest sqn is?

We look forward to seeing you all on the night.

Go on, we dare you!

Plt.Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-05-02 00:27:59
487 Sqn Parade in Birmingham for St George’s Day

On Sunday 26th April 2009, nine cadets and two members of staff travelled to St Paul’s church in Birmingham to celebrate St George’s Day. The Sqn was asked to attend by the Federation of Ex Services Associations in Birmingham and we were only too glad to help out.

A total of 33 cadets from the Warwick and Birmingham Wing attended the parade which took place on a beautiful sunny morning. The attendance for the parade was excellent with a large amount of veterans parading their standards.

Following a church service, the congregation formed up around the memorials in the church yard and the last post was sounded. This was a great way to celebrate the national day, but also remember those who have perished in wars around the world.

Flt Lt Munford who commanded the parade thanked all the cadets for not only their attendance on the day, but the high standards of dress and drill which all contributed too.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-05-02 00:23:55
487 Sqn Cadets in Cornwall!

4 cadets and 2 staff members travelled to RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall on 15th April for the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing’s Easter camp.

Cdt’s Barnhurst, Bell, Bhakta and Reader were accompanied by Plt Off Jennings and Sgt Hudson on the camp. It was thought before we travelled that RAF St Mawgan was closing, but we were soon put right by the Station Warrant Officer on the first day of the camp. Although the airfield side of the station has now been sold to Cornwall County Council and is now the Newquay international airport, the rest of the station is now been built again to accommodate a number of lodger units.

The weather was extremely good right through the week and the cadets enjoyed a varied itinerary during the week, most of it spent of the camp. The cadets visited two theme parks, the second world war airfield at Davidstow and also walked on the Cornish costal path around Porth and Newquay.

All the cadets, and the staff, passed Weapon Handling Tests during the week and all either shot the No 8 Rifle or the L98, or indeed both.

Cdt Bell was voted by the rest of the cadets as both the coolest cadet on camp and also the best cadet during the week, so well done to him.

All came back from the camp extremely tired, a sign of a good week!!

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-05-02 00:20:56
487 Sqn Promote the ATC at Community Day

Flt Lt B. O'Neil and the cadets of 487 Sqn

On Saturday 28th March, cadets and staff from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC joined other cadet units and the emergency services at the Kingstanding Community Day.

The event at the Burford Playing fields was organised by the Kingstanding Community Police officers. The Police were there in great strength; they displayed many differing types of vehicles and also gave a Police dog demonstration. The local Fire Service was also represented and they gave a demonstration of fire fighting and also cutting a person out of a bad car crash.

Cadets from the Navy, Army and RAF were represented, along with the Royal Marine Cadets. The Regular Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines were also represented.

487 Sqn made use of the Wing recruitment caravan and this ensured that we could not only play the ATC recruitment videos, but also the latest RAF presentations. Unfortunately, the day proved to be very wet, windy and cold and the public did not attend in their masses!

Plt Off Jennings, 487 Sqn Adj commented “Although the day was not busy, I think we represented both the ATC and the RAF extremely well. The cadets did a great job despite the weather and we handed out a good deal of promotional material, mainly to children around 8 years of age! However, we did talk to a good number of parents who didn’t seem to know just how close the Sqn is to the playing fields-hope for the future”

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-03-29 22:08:26
RAF Youth Team visit 487 Sqn

Along with other Sqn’s in the wing, the RAF Youth Out Reach team paid a visit to 487 Sqn on 24th March 2009.

Sqn Ldr Walters and his team gave a really interesting, and pro-active talk to 27 cadets and 6 staff. The evening started with the Sqn Ldr telling the cadets what the RAF isn’t, and there then followed a sketch from the Armstrong and Millar comedy series in which they depict two second world war fighter pilots, but with their lines brought into the 21st century, all thought this was funny.

This was not a talk where the cadets just sat and listened, they were being asked questions all night by the team, and this ensured that questions also flowed back to the out reach team.

There are a number of cadets at 487 Sqn who are looking to enter the RAF and for them this evening gave them a valuable insight into life in the RAF. They were also told what basic training would be like and there was also a discussion on the many varied trades on offer in the service.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn thanked the team for visiting the sqn and the cadets are now looking forward to further visits from the RAF over the coming months.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-03-26 23:52:05
487 Sqn Cadets win their blues!

Cdt Kerry Whiteing with her Wing Blue

Cdt’s Joshua Waldron and Tom Breakwell been presented their Regional Blue by Flt Lt B. O'Neil

It’s been a busy month on the sporting field for cadets from 487 Sqn, Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC.

Firstly, Cdt Kerry Whiteing was selected to play for the Wing Senior Girls Hockey team and she took part in the regional championships held at RAF Cosford on 15th March 2009. The team was hit badly by late pullouts, but they managed to make it to the semi-finals, but unfortunately, the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing were beaten by South East Midlands Wing.

Despite this loss, Cdt Whiteing has been selected to attend the trials for the Regional Hockey team which will be held at RAF Wittering on 29th March 2009, all at the sqn wish her luck.

Secondly, following their great performances for the wing junior rugby team, Cdt’s Joshua Waldron and Tom Breakwell were selected to play for the Central and East regional team at the National championships held at RAF Cosford on 21st March 2009. Despite winning the competition last year, the Central team came up against some very stiff competition in the form of their first opponents, South West Wing, who eventually went on to win the overall trophy. From the outset it was clear that the South West team were very well organised and they were soon putting the points on the board.

The Central team didn’t have any time off after their first game; they went straight into a game against the North Region. The first half of the game was extremely close with each team scoring a try, but unfortunately the Central team started to tire in the second half and the North Region ran out winners.

This was a great effort by the two 487 sqn cadets, in particular, Tom Breakwell, who is still in his first year with the ATC and has already represented both the wing and region at Rugby. Unfortunately, the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Junior Rugby team captain, Cpl Kirby, another 487 Sqn cadet, could not be present at the regional trials.

Plt Off S. Jennings
Published 2009-03-26 23:46:55
487 Sqn provide Taxi Service at ATC Sunday Parade

On 8th February 2009, 18 cadets and four staff travelled from Birmingham to Daventry for the annual ATC Sunday Birthday parade.

We set off from Birmingham on what was a cold clear Sunday, but all the snow in our area had melted and all was OK for us to travel. As we traveled into Northamptonshire however, we could soon see that the snow was still lying, and it was also quite deep and also very icy in places. Upon arrival at 497 Sqn, Flt Lt Brendan O’Neill and Plt Off Jennings decided to take the sqn’s two mini-buses down the steep slope, it turned out to be like a ski jump!

Flt Lt Foster and the two 487 Sqn drivers were soon gritting the access road so we could try and get the cadets to the church. The parade itself was cancelled, but it was decided to bus the cadets to the church, so it was imperative that the buses could get up the road. WO Parker also turned up with his Sqn mini-bus so we had the use of three mini-buses to use as taxis for the cadets and staff who had made it to Daventry. The two 487 Sqn buses had to be pushed up the road by a large group of cadets, and we also then got stuck outside the church itself after the first taxi run!

Three trips later all were in place at the Church and the rest of the day went without any further problems. All were very appreciative of the chips and buffet food at the end of the day, and all were soon back on the road to Birmingham, through a snow storm!

The picture shows half of the Sqn’s contingent when we arrived back at our Sqn; the snow was really quite heavy by then.

It was a really great effort by both the cadets and staff on the day, there were lots of bulled shoes that went for a Burton on the day!

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-03-22 23:45:07
487 Sqn Attempt to Fly!

On Saturday 14th February, 11 cadets and two staff travelled to RAF Cosford to attend both No 8 AEF and 633 VGS. Again, the weather was extremely clear in Birmingham and when we got to Cosford, briefings were carried out for the cadets, and those at the AEF then started to fly.

It was different at the VGS though, the cloud was getting lower which meant the Vigilants couldn’t fly. Up at the AEF, the cloud was getting too much as well and after just 8 flights, the flying was scrubbed for a period of time. Two weather ships then went up at around 12:00 and 13:00 and these turned out to be the last two cadet flights of the day, the flying was finally scrubbed at around 13:30.

It was a disappointing end to the day. Despite the tragic events of the last week, the Sqn was able to fill its allocation at both the VGS and AEF.

The Sqn is now looking forward to some warmer weather later in the year; hopefully we might get some flying in then!

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-03-22 23:43:16
487 Sqn Win the Youth Challenge Trophy - Again!

On Monday 2nd March 2009, 10 cadets and four staff, along with one of the cadets parents, Mr Bell, attended the Kingstanding British Legion Club. We were there to represent the Sqn at the annual poppy appeal presentation evening.

The evening was delayed from February due to the bad snow last month and there was a good overall attendance from the other members of the Legion. The Sqn collected a total of £2320, this is £320 up on the amount collected in 2007. The Sqn had collected over two days in Birmingham City Centre, and also in and around the Kingstanding area.

The Sqn retained the British Legion Youth Challenge shield, with Cdt Waldron winning the individual prize having collected over £260.

The club itself collected over £16000 pounds during the poppy appeal, slightly down on the 2007 figure.

The picture shows cdt FS Wilkes collecting the Youth Challenge Trophy from the president of the Kingstanding British Legion Club.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-03-22 23:40:49
487 Sqn Support the Birmingham War Widows Association

On Saturday 7th March, Flt Lt Westacott led a team of 10 cadets to parade at St Paul’s Church in the heart of Birmingham in support of the Birmingham War Widows Association.

The cadets were initially asked to provide a guard of honour for the Lord Mayor of Birmingham and following this, they then acted as ushers for the church service itself.

The Cadets then carried out collecting duties, and were also asked to lay down the British Legion colours at the end of the parade. There was a wide range of people at the event, from World War Two widows, to widows of service men who have only recently died in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The cadets were thanked for all their hard work and their attendance on the day. The Sqn now looks forward to parading again at St Paul’s for the St Georges day parade in April.

Plt Off S.Jennings
Published 2009-03-22 23:39:11
487 Sqn (Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC) Launch their own Calendar for 2009!

Cadets showing the new calender

The staff of 487 Sqn have taken the advice of their Wing Staff Officer, Sqn Ldr Stuart Isles and launched their own calendar for 2009.

Sqn Ldr Isles recently visited the Sqn and whilst he was there, he was shown pictures of the Sqn on their recent trip to Snowdon, in particular some really good ones of the OC! Sqn Ldr Isles commented that they would look good in a calendar, and that was the spark that was needed!

Hundreds of pictures have been taken by the staff during 2008 and it was really hard to pick out 13 (one was needed for the front cover).

The calendar was printed by a local company who gave the Sqn a really good price and they are being sold on a not for profit basis.

The Sqn is hoping to sell about 30 of the calendars and they have every intention of producing a calendar for 2010. Rumours of a staff calendar are totally un-true however!

Plt Off Jennings
Published 2009-01-04 21:23:36