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487 Squadron ATC
(Kingstanding and Perry Barr

487 Sqn go Adventure Training in Bethesda

Staff and cadets from 487 Sqn took to the hills of Bethesda, North Wales, for a weekend of adventure training on Friday 14th December.

After an evening of travelling and a visit to the chip shop on the Friday evening, the cadets, fed and briefed, headed for their sleeping bags, ready for an early morning the next day.

An early start on Saturday lead us to the hills of Bethesda, learning navigation, map reading and hill walking skills. We were also treated to an impromptu fly past of an RAF Sea King helicopter. Saturday ended with a visit to The Beacon climbing centre in Caernarfon (www.beaconclimbing.com), where the cadets tested their climbing and belaying skills. Much laughter, picture taking, falling off and trouser-ripping ensued!

Yes, another early start on the Sunday morning took us to Plas Y Brenin, (www.pyb.co.uk), The National Mountain Centre, where we started the day with another short walk into the frosty Bryn Engan hills, from which we were able to see Snowdon’s three peaks and Llyn Mymbyr. After a short break for lunch, we made our way over to the dry ski slopes for 3 hours of ski-instruction and put it all into practise with varying degrees of success.

Overall, a tiring and successful weekend was had by all, a fitting last weekend away to a fun packed year for 487 Sqn. The Sqn plans to return to Bethesda next year for more adventure training and activities.

Commanding officer, Flt Lt O’Neil, summed up the weekend:

“The cadets and staff have all enjoyed this weekend thoroughly. We have been able to combine learning and instruction with fun activities, which enabled us achieve maximum benefit from the weekend. The cadet’s behaviour over the whole weekend was exemplary, and it all went without a hitch.”

Sgt S Cotton
Published 2007-12-28 11:44:27
RAF Careers Team visit 487 Sqn

On 4th December the RAF Recruiting Team visited the Sqn to deliver a presentation to a large group enthusiastic cadets. They were briefed on the current structure of the RAF and its operational roles.

The cadets were shown video presentations about aircraft and equipment currently in use in the RAF and were also shown an operational scenario. The Cadets also had the opportunity to view video profiles of existing RAF personal. The cadets were told about the different types of jobs in the RAF, both as airman and officer. After the presentation all cadets had the opportunity to ask questions, and several asked serious and pre-prepared questions, indicating a serious consideration of a future in the RAF.

All of the cadets were given stylish pens as souvenirs of the visit

487 Sqn would like to thank the RAF Careers team for taking the time to visit the Sqn and we look forward to having a close working relationship with them over the coming years.

Mr S Phillips
Published 2007-12-17 13:54:16
487’s Dave Johnson and Harvey Quail Rewarded

Civilian Committee members of Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing were awarded AOC and Regional Commander Certificates in recognition of their valued years of service to their Squadrons and the ATC. At a ceremony held at Wing Headquarters, Wing Commander Ladwa and the Wing Chairman, Mrs Ann Pearmain praised the work and contribution the individuals to the Corps and awarded them their certificates.

AOC Certificates were presented to : Mr L Hatch, Mr E Clifford and Mr M McCarthy.

Regional Commandant Certificates were presented to Mr P Blagg, Mr P Cross, Mr H Quail, Dr C Pierpoint, Mr D Johnson(Far left, middle row) and Mrs P Burgess. Cadets and staff from 163 Squadron hosted the evening and provided a buffet and refreshments.

Dave and Harvey have both served the Civilian Committee of 487 Sqn for many years and all at the Sqn are extremely proud that they have been awarded the Regional Commandant Certificate.

Well done Dave and Harvey!!!!!

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-12-16 20:52:01
Shooting at Cosford

Cdts Rigby, Nolan and Mcguire from 487 squadron join over 35 other cadets, from around Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, at DACE Cosford for a days shooting.

The Day was a chance for the cadets to further their skills, and possibly gain a marksmanship award.

Cadets were given the opportunity to fire the No.8 .22 Rifle on an outdoor 25M range. For those cadets that had completed and passed a course on the L98A1 there was also the chance for them to fire full bore.

11 Memebers of Staff - including 5 members of WABSATT - ensure that even with such a large number of cadets the day went smoothly and without incident.

Even though the day was wet, cold and windy both the cadets and the staff felt that it had been fun and had provided valuble training.

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-12-13 22:55:02
Sqn Ldr Harrison Presents Wing Commendation Certificates

On Thursday 29th November, Sqn Ldr Harrison, deputy Wg Cdr, attended
A presentation evening at 487 Sqn, Kingstanding and Perry Barr.

Sqn Ldr Harrison presented Wing Commendation Certificates to the 487 Sqn Aircraft Recognition team who had recently represented the Central and East Region at the national ATC finals held at the RAF Museum.

Sqn Ldr Harrison commented “It’s great to be back at 487 Sqn and it’s also fantastic to see so many cadets on parade. I do enjoy travelling around the sqn’s in our wing, and it’s really nice to see some familiar faces, both cadets and staff. The aircraft recognition team have done brilliantly this year, both for your sqn, our wing and finally, for our region. Because of this achievement it has been decided that all the members of the team shall receive a wing commendation certificate to show our appreciation of all their efforts”.

The picture shows Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn, Cdt Kemp, Cdt Sgt Mason, Cdt Wark and Sqn Ldr Harrison. Unfortunately, the fourth member of the team, Cdt Wark, was unable to attend the presentation evening.

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-12-05 23:32:09
Coaching for success

9 Cadets from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) and 165 (Castle Vale) Squadrons spent Sunday 2nd December 2077 on the range, honing they marksmanship skills.

The day was run by Flt Lt E Westacott, Fg Off C Newton and WO A Lodge (the later 2 members of WABSATT) to pass on the skills and experience gained by the staff from there years involved in shooting in the Corps. It also allowed an opportunity for cadets to recieve some individual tution on how to improve their core marksmanship skills.

To tie together what they had learnt and practiced during the day the cadets were given the chance to go for there Wing Marskmanship award, in the afternoon.

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-12-04 00:26:40
487 Sqn go bag packing!!

On Saturday 24th November a team of cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC went bag packing at a local Asda store. The Sqn was ably assisted by cadets from the Detached Flight of 487 Sqn.

The bag pack was in aid of the Princess Marina house, and also to help fund the activity centres which are being championed by the commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Moulds.

The cadets had a long day, starting early in the morning and not finishing until late afternoon. The cadets collected a substantial amount of money which will be forwarded to Wing headquarters.

Special thanks also go to Cdt FS Gemma Walden who with her family organised the day for the Sqn. The cadets were assisted by Flt Lt Westacott, Sgt Cotton and CI Sean Phillips.

Plt Off Jennings
Published 2007-11-29 17:55:18
487 Sqn represent the Central and East Region at Aircraft Recognition Finals

On Saturday 24th November, 4 cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC had the honour of representing the Central and East Region at the National finals of the ATC Aircraft recognition competition.

Cdt Sgt Mason, Cdt’s Wark, Andrew and Kemp travelled with Plt Off Jennings to the RAF Museum at Hendon. This team had earlier in the year won the Wing competition and then gone on to win the regional competition at RAF Wittering.

The team were representing all six wings in our region and they came up against some very stiff competition. The aircraft recognition test itself was extremely difficult as you might expect, and the team did extremely well. We are unsure as to our final position at the time of writing, but we didn’t win the competition. However, this very young team did extremely well and they were a credit to both their wing and their squadron.

The Commandant of the Air Cadets, Air Commodore Moulds, attended the competition and presented prizes to the winners. The picture opposite shows the Central and East Region team, Cdt Wark, Cdt Sgt Mason, Air Commodore Moulds, Cdt Kemp and Cdt Andrew.

Flt Lt O’Neill, OC 487 Sqn, commented “Yet again this team of cadets as proved they are the best at Aircraft Recognition. It’s been a great year for the team and all at the Sqn feel extremely proud that we have represented our region in a national final. I’m sure the team will go from strength to strength over the next few years and I fully expect them to do well in future competitions”.

If anybody would like to the join the ATC, why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051?

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-11-28 21:54:57
Four Fly at Cosford

On Saturday 10th November 2007, 4 cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC, travelled with Plt Off Jennings to 633 VGS at RAF Cosford.

Cdt’s Rigby, Daniel, Wark and Lester arrived at our very murky looking sqn on the Saturday morning and it didn’t look promising!!! When the cdt’s arrived at Cosford, the weather was still cloudy, and also a bit windy.

Following the briefing, it didn’t look anymore promising, but later in the morning, the weather broke, and although still windy, the cloud cover had gone.

All the cdt’s flew and all completed their Glider Induction Course (GIC). All enjoyed the day and after the flying had finished, the cdt’s were taken to the RAF Museum at Cosford.

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off Jennings
Published 2007-11-15 00:24:53
Kingstanding Sqn parade in Birmingham

A flight of 20 cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr, paraded in Birmingham City Centre on 11th November to remember all those who have died in war and recent conflicts.

The cadets were also joined by the OC 487 Sqn, Flt Lt O’neill, Flt Lt Westacott, Plt Off Jennings, WO Lodge and Sgt Cotton.

The cadets joined up with two other sqn’s from our wing to form a large contingent of ATC Cadets, the flight was led by Flt Lt Munford, ex OC of 487 Sqn.

The remembrance parade is one of the largest in the Midlands with large contingents of all three regular services attending.

At 1100 a volley of shots rang out and the whole parade fell silent for two minutes.

Cdt FS Gemma Walden laid a wreath on behalf of the ATC, and Flt Lt Westacott laid the wreath on behalf of the Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing.

The parade was watched by thousands of people from around the Midlands on what turned out to be a cold, bright Sunday morning.

This was a great turn out by the cadets, particularly because this had been a busy weekend of events.

The picture shows the cadets being inspected by WO Lodge before travelling to the City Centre.

Plt Off Jennings
Published 2007-11-15 00:22:21
Weapons training at DACE Cosford

Three Cadets from 487 Squadron joined other cadets from Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing in attended a week-end L98 Dry Training Course, thanks to the support of the RAF Regiment Flight at DCAE Cosford.

Utilising the Regiment's facilities and training rooms, the Wing's Small Arms Training Team, consisting of qualified RCOs' and Weapons Instructors, were able to put the 23 cadets from across the Wing through their paces. Two members of staff from 487 Squadron, Flt Lt Westacott and WO Lodge, also attened as members of the course instructional team.

Following the pre-requisite number of training hours on the weapon, the cadets are given their Weapon Handling Test. Cadets Kirby, Rigby and Kesterton successfully completed the test and then taken onto the Range at Cosford to fire the weapon.

As a Bonus the Regiment ran a DCCT range for qualified cadets. This type of range uses a laser instead of a live round and gives the abbillity for firers to experience a varied range of practices and distances that they would othewise not experience.

Shooting in the Corps is major activity for the cadets and with proper training is a safe and enjoyable sport that enables the cadets to gain a variety of marksmanship awards and improve their military skills.

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-11-04 23:59:31
487 Sqn help the Royal British Legion

On Sunday 4th November, 14 cadets and four members of staff travelled to Birmingham City Centre to collect money in aid of the Royal British Legion poppy appeal. We were also joined by Cdt Sgt Weston from 487 (DF) Sqn. The Sqn is affiliated to the Kingstanding branch of the Royal British Legion and we have supported them for a number of years.

The cadets and staff were positioned around the Bull ring and New Street, and despite a slow start we were soon collecting lots of pound coins and even five and twenty pound notes!!

The Sqn is aiming to collect more than the £1200 we collected last year and despite a busy programme of events, we are hoping to have cadets out collecting in our local area on 10th November, followed by the annual parade in Birmingham City Centre on armistice day.

All the cadets came away with nearly full collecting tins and despite all feeling cold, all had a great day.

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-11-04 22:02:44
Cadets look for long distance targets

Four cadets from 487 Squadron joined other cadets, from Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, attending a range day at Kingsbury ETR Ranges.

The day - organised and run by Sgt Mark Hulme, with help from other members of WABSATT - Gave the cadets an opportunity to fire at long distance.

After a zeroing practice on a 25M range the cadets where then given a chance to gain a Corps Marksman, by firing a combination of practices at 100 and 200M.

In the afternoon the cadets fired several practices that demonstrated the flexibility of the range. These included timed exposure of the targets and fall when hit targets - which encourages firers to improve there accuracy when firing.

It was a day that was enjoyed by all the cadets that attended

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-09-24 20:42:55
4 Go Gliding at Cosford

On Sunday 2nd September, 4 cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC travelled to DCAE Cosford to undertake their Glider Induction Course.

Cpl Wallis, Cdts Wall, Bambury and Holsey were accompanied on the trip by Civilian Instructor Sarah Cotton.

In what turned out to be a long and tiring day, the cadets from 487 were the first to arrive at 633 Venture Gliding School. Initially the weather was not good with a very low cloud base, however later in the morning that lifted and it was all go from then on.

All the cadets managed to fly and all had enjoyed the day, despite spending a long time in the crew room.

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-09-17 10:33:59
487 Sqn Cadets Finish Second in Wing Swimming Championships

On Sunday 9th September, 10 cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC, attended the Warwick and Birmingham Wing Swimming Championships.

The event was held at the Smethwick swimming baths and the day proved to be another successful one for 487 Sqn. Cdt’s Baxter and Keight were placed in the top three of their individual events and they were joined by Cdt’s Maguire and Tinkler to storm away and win the team medley event.

Because of his great performance during the day, Cdt Keight has been chosen to represent the Wing at the Central and East Region Swimming Championships to be held later in the year at RAF Cranwell.

The Sqn came joint second in the overall junior boys competition.

The picture shows Cdt’s Maguire, Tinkler and Baxter who were part of the victorious medley team!!

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-09-17 10:33:56
4 Attend 637 Gliding School in Gloucestershire

On Saturday 8th September, 4 cadets from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC attended a Glider Induction Course. The course was held at 637 Venture Gliding School which is based at the former RAF base at Little Rissington in Gloucestershire.

The day started off eventfully when on the way to the glider school a large deer jumped out in front of the car transporting the cadets, fortunately for both the deer, the cadets and Plt Off Jennings sanity, none were injured!!

637 VGS is a busy glider school with lots to do and the cadets were kept busy from the moment they arrived. All were given the mandatory briefing by the staff cadets and then everybody had to move over to the airfield caravan which was in some distance away from the glider school buildings. Unfortunately, due to some very low cloud, flying was delayed until around lunchtime.

Cpl Wallis, Cdts Bambury, Andrew and Kemp all got to fly in the early afternoon and all had a good day. All got to carry out basic aerobatics and to also fly the aircraft themselves.

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-09-17 10:33:51
Sgt Walker Selected for Junior Leaders Course

On Friday 7th September 2007, Cdt Sgt Claire Walker from 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC, travelled to the West Tofts training area to take part in the Junior Leaders Course selection weekend.

The Junior Leaders course is widely accepted as the toughest course in the Air Training Corps, and only young people with exceptional leadership capabilities are allowed to take part.

The selection weekend consisted of a fitness test comprising of a mile and half run, and also press ups and sit ups. Sgt Walker also had to take part in command tasks where she had to lead a group of other cadets in a wide range of leadership based tasks.

The final task was a formal interview with the directing staff. Sgt Walker was extremely pleased to pass the selection weekend, although this is just the start for her. She now has to complete an arduous eight month course which involves her spending most weekends away from home at different locations around the UK.

Flt Lt O’Neill, Officer Commanding 487 Sqn, commented “We are all extremely proud of Sgt Walker in what she has achieved. The ATC does not send many cadets on this course and to be selected is a great achievement. The whole of 487 Sqn wishes her well over the next eight months and we will provide her with every support”

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-09-17 10:30:11
Warwick and Birmingham trio wing trophy

On Sunday 2nd September 2007 three members of 487 Sqn Kingstanding and Perry Barr ATC, represented the Warwick and Birmingham Wing at the annual Regional Field Training Day.

In what turned out to be a successful day held at RAF Wittering, Sgt Mason, Cdt Andrew and Cdt Kemp, took part in the Aircraft Recognition competition. The 487 Sqn cadets were chosen to represent their wing because they had already been successful at the Warwick and Birmingham Field Training day held earlier in the summer. The cadets were up against tough competition from six other wings in what proved to be a close competition.

To win the trophy the cadets had to view 30 slides showing both Military and Civilian aircraft. The slides were only shown for a period of 3 seconds and they then had to write down their answers.

As well as coming first in the team competition, Sgt Mason also finished second overall in the individual event. The team now go on to represent the Central and East region of the ATC at the National competition to be held later in the year.

Plt Off Jennings accompanied the cadets to RAF Wittering and commented “this was a great team effort by the cadets. The competition was extremely difficult; the aircraft chosen were not well known and really tested the cadets. It was a very long, but successful day and I know everybody enjoyed winning. Everybody is now really looking forward to representing our wing at the National championships later this year”.

Plt Off S Jennings
Published 2007-09-03 21:29:22
Sgt Walker Leads the Way.

Cdt Sgt Claire Walker from 487 Sqn, Kingstanding and Perry Barr, has successfully completed the Cadet Leadership course at Frimley Park.

The week long course was extremely challenging and the cadets had little time to relax in what turned out to be a very busy schedule.

The first two days of the course entailed the cadets learning the skills they would need to participate in the exercises at the end of the week. The training included log runs, assault courses, raft building and a variety of command tasks in which all in the individual sections had a chance to lead.

The cadets also took part in section sports which included a boat race and volleyball.

After the initial two days training the cadets headed out on to the exercise and the first two nights were spent under bashers. They took part in an ambush, carried out patrols and also carried out a full scale platoon assault.

As part of the exercise the cadets also had to complete a three mile march which included a shooting exercise and also a raft race.

At the end of the three day exercise all the cadets then went the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst to take part in the final challenge, the Assault course.

Sgt Walker commented “We had little sleep or rest during the week and we were pushed to our limits, but I really enjoyed the course. The sense of team work and friendship gained during the week was amazing and something I will always remember. I believe this was a great personal achievement and I would encourage everyone to take part”.

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off S. Jennings
Published 2007-08-12 19:38:51
DACE Cosford Supports Target Rifle training course

Cadets from Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing attended a week-end Target Rifle Training course thanks to the support of the RAF Regiment Flight at DCAE Cosford.

The course, run by members of WABSATT, was designed to introduce cadets to the L81 cadet target rifle and the basics of coaching full bore target shooting. WO Lodge, from 487 (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) Squadron, as a member of WABSATT and an NRA Club Instructor attended as a member of the course directing staff

After completing the training on the rifle cadets were given a Rifle Handling Test before given the opportunity to fire the rifle. They were also given the chance to try out their newly acquired coaching skills, under the tuition of qualified rifle coaches.

Despite the pouring rain on the Sunday making coaching challenging, the course was a successful introduction to the sport off Full Bore Target Rifle Shooting

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-07-28 22:28:23
BTEC Certificates in Aviation Studies for local cadets

Two 487 Squadron cadets are among the first of 25 BTEC Certificates in Aviation Studies to be awarded to cadets In Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing. The BTEC certificate is equivalent to 2 GCSEs.

The certificates were awarded Flight Sergeant Gemma Walden and Sergeant Steve Mason after they successfully completed their Staff Cadet qualification.

To be entered for the awards cadets pay a £35.00 exam entrance fee, but with proposed changes made by Commandant Air Cadets it is likely that future awards will be made automatically once a cadet has completed their staff part 2.

The WTAPO, Squadron Leader Martin Harrison, said "to be able to physically send out the equivalent of 50 GCSEs is quite an achievement and something the cadets and their staff should be justly proud of. There are many of us who wish these opportunities to gain qualifications had been available when we were cadets!"

Alan Lodge
Published 2007-07-28 21:56:50
Navigating to Success

Three air cadets - two from Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing and one from no. 1 Welsh Wing - completed there navigation scholarship course with 8 AEF at DCAE Cosford between the 2nd of July to the 14th of July.

The course involved learning how to plan routes taking in to account fuel consumption and drift caused by wind. After the cadets had planned their route they then had to fly the planned route in a Grob tutor.

All three cadets passed the course and had a great time doing so.

Pictured left to right CWO Lucy Kerslake, Sgt Steven Mason, Cpl Dan Constable and Flt Lt Dave Fowler (the CO of 8 AEF)

Sgt S Mason
Published 2007-07-25 22:09:21
Disabled cadet supports Wings Around Britian

Disabled cadet Sgt Steven Mason took part in the wings around Britain challenge on the 23rd of July 2007. Steven meet up in the morning with Polly Vacher, who holds the world record for being the only woman to fly around the world twice in a single engined aircraft. Polly then flew Steven from Half Penny Green airport in Wolverhampton to DCAE Cosford in her Piper Dakota G-FRGN.

On arrival at Cosford Steven and Polly were met by high ranking officers, from both the RAF and the Navy, and were also given a guard of honour by air cadets from Cosford Squadron.

The aim of the day which was part of the 'Wings around Britain' Project where Polly visits every airfield in the UK was to promote the charity 'Flying scholarships for the disabled' who provide ten scholarships a year to disabled people not only does this scheme allow people who would not normally, the chance to fly it also raises their self esteem and allows them to rely on themselves rather than others.

Anybody would like details on flying scholarships for the disabled should contact Sgt Mason on masonste@hotmail.com

The photo shows, from left to right, Sgt Steve Mason, Polly Vacher

Steve Mason
Published 2007-07-25 22:09:14
Five go flying in Shropshire!!

On Saturday 14th July 2007, five cadets successfully completed their Glider Induction Course at RAF Shawbury. Cdt’s Hewitt, Wark, Kesterton, Cadinot and Webb, along with Cdt Mcguire who came along to give support, had a great time on what turned out to be a warm sunny afternoon.

633 VGS had moved from RAF Cosford to RAF Shawbury due to the model aircraft show at Cosford. Despite freshening winds, the Vigilant gliders coped well with the conditions and all five cadets were airborne in the early afternoon.

All the cadets were given a certificate to show their completion of the course all said they would like to fly again; in particular, Cdt Kesterton said he would now like to undertake a gliding scholarship.

Pilot Officer Jennings commented “We were very lucky to get airborne on the Saturday; the flying for the following day was scrubbed due to the expected bad weather. Despite a few nerves shown by the cadets, especially when putting on their parachutes, all enjoyed the day.”

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off Jennings
Published 2007-07-19 21:26:38
487 Sqn Retain the Aircraft Recognition Trophy

A team of 3 cadets from 487 Sqn (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) ATC, have retained the Aircraft Recognition trophy at the recent Wing Field Training Day. Held at Bramcote Barracks near Nuneaton, the annual training day encompasses a number of disciplines including Drill, First Aid and Aircraft Recognition.

The team, Sgt Mason, Cdt Andrew and Cdt Wark, had to try and recognise a total of 30 aircraft which included both Civilian and Military aircraft. They only had a few seconds to view and then write down their answers.

It was actually a double success for the team because not only did they win the team event, Cdt Andrew also won the individual trophy.

Plt Off Jennings from 487 Sqn commented “This was a fantastic achievement by the team to retain the trophy. Aircraft recognition is a difficult discipline to master, but to win two trophies is brilliant.”

The result helped 487 Sqn finish 4th in the overall standings for the day; this out of 27 other sqn’s taking part.

If anybody would like to join the ATC why not contact Plt Off Jennings on 07989 967051.

Plt Off Jennings
Published 2007-07-11 22:55:25
487 Sqn Wing Regional Competition in Top Flight Competition!!

On Thursday 24th May 2007, 487 Sqn (Kingstanding and Perry Barr) and the 487 Sqn DF based at Stockland Green School were presented with their prize for finishing first in the RAFA Top Flight Competition for the Central and East Region.

In October 2006, the Sqn and DF successfully pulled a nine tonne Jaguar Fighter Aircraft at RAF Cosford. They raised over £1100 for RAFA in what was a magnificent effort.

Officer Commanding 487 Sqn, Flt Lt O’Neill and his staff laid on a great evening for a host of local dignitaries and guests. The evening was attended by Officer Commanding Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing ATC, Wg Cdr Ladwa, Sqn Ldr Isles (Wing Staff Officer for 487 Sqn), Flt Lt Munford, WSO and Ex OC 487 Sqn. They were also joined on the evening by the Erdington and Kingstanding MP, Mr Sion Simon. Also invited were a number of members of RAFA from the Cosford Branch. Members of the Civilian Committee also laid on a fantastic buffet for all to enjoy.

The picture shows Flt Lt O’Neill being presented with a framed print of the Red Arrows by Mr. Griff Griffiths from RAFA. The Sqn were also given a cheque for £100 and a scroll marking the achievement signed by Air Cdre Edward Jarron, secretary general of RAFA.

A number of speeches were given on the evening, most notably by Mr Simon MP and Mr Griffiths from RAFA. Both commented that they thought the Sqn had showed great resolve in completing the task and Mr Simon further commented that it was good to see local teenagers helping the local community.

Flt Lt O’Neill ended the evening by thanking all for coming and that he looked forward to the Sqn both entering and winning this years competition!

Simon Jennings
Published 2007-06-04 22:18:52
Recruitment Campaign Launched in Local Press

87 Sqn Air training Corps (ATC) based in Kingstanding, have recently launched a recruitment campaign for new cadets.

The Sqn which parades on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 1930-2130 at the Kingstanding TA Centre already has in excess of 20 cadets parading each night. However, the Sqn is looking to increase this number to 30 plus during 2007.

Fg Off Brendan O'neil, OC 487 Sqn said “although we have strong numbers parading each night we need to ensure that our Sqn continues to grow in 2007. 487 Sqn offers the youth of Kingstanding a great place meet new friends and they will also benefit from the many differing activities carried out in the ATC. We now have a close relationship with the local media and we are also looking to enhance our working relationship with our local schools.”

Following a recent article in the Birmingham Evening Mail the Sqn has recently seen an number of potential cadets wishing to join and the staff are been kept busy with the nine new recruits!

Simon Jennings - Civilian Instructor
Published 2007-04-06 09:20:38